Change of life in the Antico Borgo Brunelli: Discover the experience of the Albergo Diffuso


In the heart of a small and charming community, Antico Borgo Brunelli offers a unique travel experience that goes beyond a simple holiday. With the word “change of life” as a common thread, the widespread hotel transforms the concept of travel, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the life of a local resident. A day spent in this enchanting village can change not only a tourist’s perspective, but also his own vision of the world.

The Albergo Diffuso: An Immersion in Local Living

Antico Borgo Brunelli is not just a place to stay, but rather an experience to be fully enjoyed. The concept of “Albergo Diffuso” is based on the renovation of historic buildings in the urban fabric of a community, allowing visitors to live as temporary residents. Each room becomes a stop on a journey of discovery, where traditional architecture blends with modern comfort.

A day to abandon the routine

The daily routine can often become a tunnel in which we find ourselves immersed, with no time to reflect on the world around us. Antico Borgo Brunelli offers the opportunity to break away from this routine and embrace a completely new lifestyle, even just for one day. Far from the screens and hubbub of modern life, visitors can embrace the tranquility and simplicity of the village.

The Broadening of the Mind and the Worldview

Immersing yourself in the lifestyle of a local resident allows visitors to open up to new perspectives and worldviews. The slower rhythms and the connection with the surrounding nature push tourists to reflect on what is truly important in life. Conversing with the residents, discovering local traditions and savoring traditional cuisine enriches the soul and broadens the horizons.


Antico Borgo Brunelli is an invitation to slow down, reflect and discover a new dimension of life. The concept of “life changing” is not just a word, but a tangible experience that transforms the daily routine into an adventure. A visit to this widespread hotel is not only a journey through time and space, but also a journey within oneself. So, next time you feel the need to escape from your routine, consider the opportunity to have an authentic “life changing” experience at Antico Borgo Brunelli.