An ancient village to discover and experience

I am an entrepreneur who has always worked in construction throughout my life, but inside myself I have always wondered if I couldn’t do something for the area where I live, work and raise my family.

The idea of creating a Albergo Diffuso in Lusiana Conco in the province of Vicenza was born almost by chance. In fact, my family and I had just returned from a week spent in a small, unknown village in Le Marche where we had had a truly unforgettable experience.

It was then that I realised two things:

  • In Italy there are an infinite number of villages to discover
  • I am fascinated by the idea of living for a few days in close contact with local traditions

In Lusiana Conco we have an old barn that was in poor condition, but in a magnificent location. It is located in the historic centre of the village and enjoys a splendid panorama. I therefore decided, together with my family, to renovate it in a green way, with an eye to the future, with innovations and technologies, against waste and pollution, creating an eco-sustainable building by installing: photovoltaic, solar thermal, heat pump, forced ventilation, and last “treat” the floors: chestnut for the rooms, cut in the local woods, marble for the common parts, obtained from the local quarries, a fantastic idea for our well-being while respecting the environment.

I wanted to tackle the renovation right from the start while maintaining the typical elements of the building, which was in fact a stable. I therefore tried to “curb” my impulse to try at all costs to “style things” in order to focus on the few elements that make it unique. In conclusion by creating a “Albergo Diffuso” with the main idea of offering a unique experience and not just a holiday.

Antico Borgo Brunelli Albergo Diffuso

(The photo shows modillions set into the walls that served to support the beams of the upper floor, ‘the barn’)

My Australian relatives were also behind my decision to open a Albergo Diffuso in Lusiana-Conco in the province of Vicenza: every time they come to Lusiana Conco, they are involved in the countless experiences this area has to offer. And, every time, it is a wonderful cultural exchange!

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to read my Blog which talks about the structure, the territory and the experiences you can choose to live.